Spectacular views in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia

Serenity. Nature. Wildlife. Adventure. Freedom from distraction and the hubbub of the cities. The captivating Tatra Mountains in Slovakia await you. You deserve all the best Slovakia has to offer. One thing is certain. Whatever your expectations, the Tatras in Slovakia will gift you so much more.

It’s true. Bratislava, Slovakia’s famous capital, is appealing. The food, culture and upbeat atmosphere will entice you.

Visit Slovakia’s vast unspoiled natural playground!

However, I encourage you to step outside what some consider “typical Slovakia” and take the path less traveled. In less than a week, you may explore a fair bit of Slovakia’s unspoiled natural playground.

Discover all Slovakia offers in the Tatra Mountains

Discover a land overflowing with thundering waterfalls, meandering streams and lakes, calming mountain vistas, lush, green meadows, warm, friendly people and delectable, unique cuisine.

Church near Osturna, Slovakia

Activities: Tatra Mountains in Slovakia

Find my suggested Easy- and Moderate-Level detailed itineraries below. Here’s a list of my favorite activities and options in the terrific Tatra Mountains in Slovakia…

Easy Level/All Ability Levels/Family-Friendly Activities

  • hike/trek
  • ride cable cars and funiculars up to high peaks in the Tatra Mountains
  • meander, nature walk, ride cable cars to Chopok peak (within Jasna Nizke Tatry Ski Resort) and enjoy captivating vistas year-round
  • soak in mineral-packed geothermal pools
  • visit spas, saunas, and other Health & Wellness facilities
  • relax and enjoy AquaCity Eco Spa & Resort in Poprad, Slovakia
  • take nature walks and see waterfalls, mountains, valleys, streams, meadows, flowers and wildlife
  • bear watch in an eco-friendly, ethical way
  • visit Spiš Hrad (“Spis Castle”)
  • ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the Slovakian countryside
  • EAT scrumptious, juicy, hearty Slovak food and SAVOUR sweet, tantalizing desserts

Intermediate/Moderate Level Activities –> requires prior experience, equipment and/or stamina

  • alpine ski, snowboard, snowshoe, cross-country ski, mountain climb and tour Jasna Nizke Tatry Ski Resort
  • raft, kayak or swim in the Dunajec River, a natural border between Poland and Slovakia
  • mountain bike or e-bike
  • rock climb
  • mountain climb

Now that I’ve enticed you with all these outdoor activities, sightseeing venues, culinary delights and Health & Wellness options, you’re ready to hop a plane and hit Slovakia, aren’t you?

Let’s go!

5-Day Itinerary in Tatra Mountains

Here is a dynamic day-to-day itinerary, planned by my exceptionally knowledgeable professional guide, Erik.

Our personal guide, Erik Ševčík of Adventoura Slovakia is a perpetually positive guy whose zest for life is contagious. Even better? Erik was born and raised in the Tatras, so he knows all the best features the region has to offer.

Professional guide, Erik Ševčík of Adventoura Slovakia.

With whom better can you tour and adventure in The Tatra Mountains, right???

As always, I give you all the Resources you need to plan your ideal trip to the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. You’ll find these at the end of this article.

Remember, with a personal guide, you have the flexibility to change my proposed itinerary. If the weather isn’t cooperating, you may opt to sightsee indoors, raft, eat local cuisine at various food spots, or chill at a spa or indoor water park. The possibilities in Eastern Slovakia are endless!

The Tatra Mountains have active Sherpas who are paid to haul loads up the mountains.

Day 1 Locations:

  • High Tatra Mountains region
  • Stary Smokovec
  • Kaviareň Zlatá Brána cafe in Stary Smokovec
  • Hrebienok funicular
  • Vysoké Tatry (Moderate Level only)
  • Zamkovskeho Chata Cottage & Restaurant (Moderate Level only)
  • AquaCity Spa Resort

Day 1 Activities:

Stary Smokovec

Easy Level

Begin your day in the High Tatra Mountains in a small town called Stary Smokovec.

Tasty treats at Kaviareň Zlatá Brána cafe in Stary Smokovec

I highly recommend the cozy Kaviareň Zlatá Brána cafe for a warm drink and a tasty Slovakian treat or baked good. Comfy couches, Tatra Mountain views and a relaxing, artistic decor characterize the atmosphere, and the service feels like you’re in your grandma’s kitchen.

Vysoké Tatry funicular schedule from Stary Smokovec
Funicular ride from Stary Smokovec up to Hrebienok

Take a 4-minute ride on the funicular from Stary Smokovec up to Hrebienok. You’ll be impressed by the views and photo opps of Poprad and the surrounding countryside from up here!


Stroll around, take a short nature walk, visit the gift shop, soak in the atmosphere. The mountain air is so fresh and clean in the Tatras.

Ride the funicular from Hrebienok back down to Stary Smokovec.

Moderate Level → all Easy Level activities listed above, plus …

Hiking trail up to Razcestie Pri Zamkovskeho Chata Chalet

After riding the funicular from Stary Smokovec up to Hrebienok, begin an easy-to-moderate trail hike up to Razcestie Pri Zamkovskeho Chata Chalet in Vysoké Tatry.

Fiddleheads along the hiking trail in Vysoké Tatry
Wildflowers along the hiking trail in Vysoké Tatry

The nature and wildlife are unspoiled. The trails are easily navigable with a decent pair of hiking or trekking boots.

Families will love hiking these trails, too!

Even families with small kids can feel comfortable with this hike. What a tremendous way to share nature together.

There are plenty of waterfalls to soak up in Vysoké Tatry

If the rushing streams and crashing waterfalls don’t captivate you, you always have the Tatra Mountains as a backdrop.

The captivating High Tatra (Vysoké Tatry) Mountains.

Your ultimate goal is to reach the top of Razcestie Pri Zamkovskeho Chate. “Why?” you ask.

Lentil Vegetable Soup and fresh bread

For this.

C’mon, you know I’m a Culinarian–It’s always about the food.

Handmade Cheese & Potato Pierogies

And these fresh handmade pierogies, topped with bacon and sauteed onions. YUM.

Zamkovskeho Chata Cottage

Yes, you’ll find superb, authentic Slovakian cuisine at Zamkovskeho Chata Cottage just a minute’s walk away from the trail peak.

Zamkovskeho Chata Cottage
Tatra Tea, distilled from herbs in the Tatra Mountains.

Live like a local (or feel ambitious, perhaps?), and taste the famous Tatra Tea, distilled from herbs from the Tatra Mountains. Hey, when in the Tatras of Slovakia …

All ages and ability levels will enjoy …

Are you spent from your day in the gorgeous High Tatra Mountains? What better way to relax than to visit AquaCity Poprad Spa Resort, an eco-friendly Health & Wellness oasis located in nearby Poprad?

AquaCity has multiple saunas, jacuzzis, 13 indoor and outdoor swimming pools with varying temperatures of 28-38 degrees Celcius, massage, food and restaurant dining options and a laser light show every evening. Relax, soak, swim, eat and enjoy.

If you’re up for a rejuvenating experience, try one of the many Health and Wellness options at the Inter Klinik at AquaCity.

I spent time in the cryotherapy chamber, which was quite an experience! I stripped down to the bare minimum, donned clogs, mittens and a protective mask over mouth and nose, entered the cryo chamber set at -128 degrees Celcius and walked in circles for 3+ minutes. What you may not know about me is I detest feeling cold! However, I admit afterward I felt full of energy, for sure! Definitely a funky experience.

AquaCity has several family-friendly options as well, including Kids’ Club childcare, family locker rooms, play areas, snack/restaurant areas, virtual reality terminals, and more.

History and fun facts related to today’s activities…

The Tatra Mountains are the highest (and in my opinion, most breathtaking!) portion of the vast Carpathian Mountain range, which form a natural border between Poland and Slovakia, then extend southeast through Ukraine and down into Romania.

–> Be sure to read more about my gorgeous trip to the Beskyd Mountains, a subdividion of the Carpathians in Czechia HERE.

Perhaps the most winsome feature of a visit to the Tatra Mountains is the vast amount of wildlife and the unspoiled natural beauty of this place.

Elishka, the mountain red fox

Here you see “Elishka” (akin to “Elisa” in English), a docile red fox who lives in the forest near Hrebienok. She may pay you a brief visit you to check you out as you hike the trails. Eilishka is nicknamed such due to the word liska meaning “fox” in Slovak.

Stary Smokovec

Stary Smokovec is the main starting point for 400 km of walking trails and hiking in the region. Stary Smokovec is the central town in the Tatra Mountains.

The Grand Hotel in Stary Smokovec

The distinctive Grand Hotel in Stary Smokovec underwent a large restoration prior to Fidel Castro’s visit in 1978.

Slavkovsky Stip peak (2520 m) is among the Top 10 highest mountain peaks in the Tatra Mountains.

Underground geothermal pools are the only water source for AquaCity Poprad. The resort has earned multiple awards for eco-friendly tourism. Every drip of water in the facility undergoes a special UV treatment to sanitize and clarify the natural mineral waters from the thermal water source.

Day 2 Locations:

  • Cerveni Klastor
  • Penzion Pitnik
  • Dunajec River in Pieniński Park Narodowy
  • Osturña village
  • Magurské Sedlo
  • Wellness Penzion Strachan in Ždiar

Day 2 Activities:

Easy Level

Begin the day in Cerveni Klastor at Penzion Pitnik, a lovely riverside pension and restaurant on the Dunajec River. Penzion Pitnik serves a plentiful breakfast buffet, a reasonable lunch menu, several snacks, and hot or cold beverages. Best of all, you may relax and savor the calming riverside views as you dine.

Take a swim, kayak, raft or play in the Dunajec River, the natural border between Slovakia and Poland. Or perhaps take a picnic and sit on the scenic Dunajec River?

Moderate Level → all Easy Level activities listed above, plus …

Raft or kayak down the Dunajec River, the natural border between Slovakia and Poland. These activities are light-moderate difficulty, depending on the climate and conditions on the day.

We were outfitted head-to-toe with top-notch water sports gear and a raft from Canoeraft Dunajec. I highly recommend this outdoor sports company. They are very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and reasonably-priced. Best of all, the employees speak English!

Osturña, Slovakia, a unique log cabin village

Drive through and stop for photo opps in the small village of Osturña.

The green meadows of Magurské Sedlo

The scenery in Magurské Sedlo reminds me of scenes in The Sound of Music where Maria sings with the children in the Alps. The vistas are truly spectacular. I didn’t want to leave! Sprawling, lush green fields full of wildflowers as far as the eye can see, trees galore, and snow-capped mountain peaks in the distance. Idyllic doesn’t begin to describe this place.

Relax and enjoy gorgeous views–and a terrific kid’s area, if you are travelling with family. If not, find a scrumptious Lunch at Wellness Penzion Strachan in Zdiar near Magurské Sedlo. 😊

History and fun facts related to today’s activities…

Osturña is a charming, small village made distinctive by its unique log cabin houses and locals from several generations living quaintly. You will love the simple, natural beauty of this place.

Day 3 Locations:

  • Western Tatra Mountains in the Dolina Valley, near Pribilyna, Slovakia
  • Ticha Dolina Valley (“The Silent Valley”)

Day 3 Activities:

Brown bear in Western Tatra Mountains. Photo credit: Erik Ševčík of Adventoura Slovakia

Easy Level

Did you realize there are 300+ wild brown bears living in the Tatra Mountains? My field guide, Erik of Adventoura Slovakia is an expert at tracking and spotting these gorgeous mammals in the field.

I’m eager to tell you how much I enjoyed my bear watching and e-biking experience in the Dolina Valley. We tracked the animals in the most ethical, non-disruptive manner, akin to bird watching in the field.

I encourage you to do as Erik taught me, and walk or e-bike to lookout points. You then use binoculars to view the bears in their natural habitat. What a trophy to spot a wild bear in the field!

Moderate Level → all Easy Level activities listed above, plus …

Amy e-biking in the Silent Valley, Slovakia

Love the feeling of riding a bike in the crisp, clean mountain air? So do I!

You may ride e-bikes through the Silent Valley for 18-25 km, stopping at various lookout points to watch for wild brown bears and take in the nature and other other wildlife in the area.

The scenery along the route is perfectly serene, diverse and calming.

Day 4 Locations:

  • Spiš Hrad (“Spiss Castle”)
  • Skalné mesto Dreveník nature preserve in Žehra, Slovakia
  • Ždiar in Eastern Tatra Mountains

Day 4 Activities:

Easy Level

Spiš Hrad (“Spiss Castle”)

If you are a history buff or love castles as much as I do, be sure to take a tour of Spiš Hrad (“Spiss Castle”).

Spiš Hrad is relatively large, so I recommend setting aside two+ hours for your visit. This gives you ample time to take photos, climb up to the highest vantage points, soak in views and visit the museum if you wish.

One of the largest castles by area in all of Europe, Spiš Hrad is quite alluring. In 1993, the site was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, so the entire area is well-kept and pristinely preserved. You transform into a member of the royal court in the 12th century as you wander the grounds. Set up high atop a grand hillside, on a clear day the views from the castle windows and tower extend for miles!

You’ll find 360° views from the highest tower. Peruse the bountiful Slovakian countryside, its small villages, and of course, the Tatra Mountains.

Moderate Level → all Easy Level activities listed above, plus …

Feeling a bit adventurous? Try rock climbing at Skalné mesto Dreveník nature preserve. It’s quite near Spiš Castle, and is a recognized rock climbing location.

“Look Mom! I’m rock climbing in the Tatras!”

Erik’s attention to detail is what makes rock climbing in Dreveník epic. Not once will you feel an ounce of trepidation or fear. Instead, Erik and his professional rock climbing guide instill confidence, and move at a pace most comfortable for you to ensure an optimal climbing experience.

In the late afternoon/early evening, what’s more enchanting than a horse-drawn carriage ride through the countryside of the Eastern Tatra Mountains. Aren’t these horses delightful?

As you ride blissfully along tucked into an afghan, take in all the charm of the farms, streams and nature of the Eastern Tatras, with your carriage doz leading the way.

After your horse-drawn carriage ride, saddle up to a bonfire barbecue at a local working farm. Taste local sausages, hot tea or wine and other authentic Slovakian flavors.

History and fun facts related to today’s activities…

A carriage doz is the traditional Slovakian name for the driver in a horse/buggy ride. Many drivers wear a traditional goral hat. The goral hat symbolizes an historical job in the region between Poland and Slovakia, wherein the goralée (carriage drivers) transported wood around the region. The journey took 3-5 weeks. Once they reached the sea, they would receive one cockleshell, the currency of the day.

Day 5 Locations:

  • Jasna Nizke Tatry Ski Resort

Day 5 Activities:

Easy Level

There are multiple levels at Jasna Nizke Tatry Ski Resort. In order to travel from one level to the next, you purchase a ticket at the main entrance. A chair lift takes you to the lowest level. Ride a funicular to the next level. Finally, a cable car takes you up to Chopok peak, the 2nd highest peak in the Lower Tatra Mountains (2,024 m).

Each level has grand views of the Tatra Mountains and places to relax, dine and enjoy mountain time. However, for the resplendent mountain views you seek, I recommend heading to the Restaurant Rotunda, which looks out to Chopok peak.

Moderate Level → all Easy Level activities listed above, plus …

If you are up for some stamina-challenging activity in warmer temperatures, a hike or trek up to any portion of the mountainside will definitely fit the bill.

For the 360 degree views you’ll see here, you’ll have to trek up to Chopok peak. Two words: worth it.

The path to the peak is fairly well paved and just a moderate climb/trek. If you see snow, I encourage you to wear hiking boots to gain traction.

The day we visited, I saw paragliders floating above the mountains. The real treat though, was a snow white glider plane wistfully soaring among the peaks. The seemingly effortless prowess with which the glider flew conveyed the pilot gets up here at every opportunity.

History and fun facts related to today’s activities…

Dumbier is the highest peak in the Tatra Mountains.

Don’t Miss These Goodies in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia …

Rašeliniská is a particularly fertile, nurturing soil located in the Krivy Kút, a national park full of brilliant yellow rapeseed fields and breathtaking mountain vistas.

Resources to Help Plan Your Trip

  • Erik Ševčík, CEO Adventoura Slovakia | www.adventoura.eu | +421 903 641 549 → mention Amy Guides for a special offer when you book 😉
  • Region Vysoke Tatry | www.regiontatry.sk
  • AquaCity Poprad | www.aquacity.sk


This article was written in partnership with Adventoura Slovakia, s.r.o. The views and opinions expressed here are entirely mine alone and are honest, without bias, and based on my unique personal experience.