What’s the Best Food in Hamburg?

If you shout, “Hamburgers!” you’re not wrong. More on the history of the hamburger and Hamburg’s best food places to find one in a bit. First, I’m showing you a few other facets of this bustling, dynamic city.

C’mon, let’s eat, drink and savor what Hamburg has to offer!

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Districts of Hamburg

As you decide where to eat in Hamburg, it helps to have some neighborhood knowledge to plan your route so you can maximize your time, budget and (perhaps most importantly) belly space. Here is a quick run-down of some of the major neighborhoods where Cuisine is Queen

You’ll find the names/locations/hours of operation of our favorites within each neighborhood, so you may create your own personalized Food Tour and enjoy these culinary delights to the fullest! 

Schanzenviertel { 20357 }

Rote Flora in the Schanzenviertel neighborhood

Locals refer to the Schanzenviertel neighbourhood as “The Schanze“. Sternschanze is considered the center of counter-culture within Hamburg. The main streets include the Schulterblatt, Schanzenstraße and Lagerstraße.

You’ll notice it’s busy all times of day, and has an “alternative” or hipster vibe. It’s definitely your best bet for finding coffee cafes. Stroll Schulterblatt in search of currywurst, bespoke pastries, Asian fusion, Greek food and other European cuisine.

Where Schulterblatt meets Schanzenstraße, you may make a turn to head deeper into The Schanze where you’ll find several cool bars, restaurants, coffee cafes and more.

For more info on The Schanze, visit https://www.hamburg.com/residents/neighbourhoods/11751068/schanzenviertel/ 

Favorites in Schanzenviertel { 20357 } …

Elbgold Coffee Bar  

Info: Lagerstraße 34c, 20357 Hamburg, Germany | https://www.elbgold.com/ | +49 40 23 517 520 | Open: Weekdays 08am-19pm; Sat/Sun 09am-19pm (holiday hours may differ)

You’ll immediately notice the high-ceilings and architecture harken back to the original cattle hall which stood in this building. Elbgold led the “Third Wave Coffee Culture” in Hamburg, a movement focused on appreciating and consuming the highest-quality coffee.

Elbgold slow roasts their coffee beans on-site

Coffee snobs take note: several Mom-and-Pop coffee cafes in Hamburg have faith in Elbgold’s earnest quality and buy from the shop directly. Elbgold slow roasts all coffee beans on-site. Black coffee pour-over style is favorable and encouraged.

Braugasthaus Altes Mädchen in The Schanzenviertel

Braugasthaus Altes Mädchen (aka “The Old Girl Brew House”)

Info: Lagerstraße 28B, 20357 Hamburg, Germany | https://altes-maedchen.com/ | +49 40 800 077 750 | Open: SuMTWTh 12pm-01am; Fri/Sat 12pm-02am (holiday hours may differ)

Tucked around a corner in the heart of The Schanze lies a terrific little brewhouse. If the Ratsherrn draught beers and vast menu of craft beers don’t attract you, the aroma of freshly-baked bread wafting through the rafters and out to the patio most certainly will!

The food menu features locally produced sausages, cheeses and seasonal fare. What you’ll love most about Altes Mädchen is the atmosphere and the celebration of beer culture.  

→ For more detailed info about Braugasthaus Altes Mädchen and Ratsherrn Brewery & Craft Beer Store, visit the “Helpful Resources for Your Visit to Hamburg” section at the end of this article. ← 

Ratsherrn Brewery & Craft Beer Store

Info: Lagerstraße 30A, 20357 Hamburg, Germany | https://ratsherrn.de/en/home.html   +49 40 380 728 92 22 | Open: MTWThFSa 12pm-20pm; Closed Sundays (holiday hours may differ)

If you’re a beer lover, The Craft Beer Store adjacent to Ratsherrn Brewery is your ideal stop. With a grand selection of 400+ craft beers from all over the world, it seems the Craft Beer Store aspires to spread the word about the diverse options in craft brewing.

Don’t miss the Friday Night Tastings at 18:30 every week for the latest and greatest craft brews.  

Erika’s Eck

Info: Sternstraße 98, 20357 Hamburg, Germany | http://www.erikas-eck.de/  | +49 40 433 545 | Open:  MTWThF 00am-14pm; 17pm-9am (the following day); Sat 17pm-9am (Sun); Sun 17pm-00am

Without question, Erika’s Eck is a Sternschanze institution (not unlike the Fischmarkt in Altona). Expect a traditional old-style German atmosphere, gigantic portions, low prices, no-nonsense service and the tastiest schnitzel in town. There’s a feel-good vibe in this place. Whether by daylight or late-night, be certain you pop in during your visit to Hamburg. 


Info: Lagerstraße 34b, 20357 Hamburg, Germany | https://bullerei.com/ | +49 40 33 442 110 | Open: Daily 11am-23pm (holiday hours may differ)

Originally a cattle hall, this historical meat packing building has been converted into a tap house and comfy restaurant serving Chef Tim Mälzer’s rustic fare. Expect a meat-heavy menu with luscious desserts.  

Favorites: A Coffee Connoisseur’s Mini Tour in The Schanze …

Hermetic Coffee Roasters (aka “Less Political”) Coffee Bar

Info: Sternstraße 68, 20357 Hamburg, Germany | https://www.hermeticcoffee.com/ | +49 40 33 988 298 | Open: MTWThF 08:30am-18pm; Sat/Sun 10am-18pm (holiday hours may differ)

Who loves premium coffee served in an artsy atmosphere in the heart of The Schanze? You’ll savor the top-rated brews served in the eclectic, artsy atmosphere at Hermetic Coffee Roasters. A local favorite, sure to bring a smile to your joe-lovin’ face. 

Enjoy people watching in The Schanze at in guter Gesellschaft cafe

in guter Gesellschaft

Info: Sternstraße 25, 20357 Hamburg, Germany | http://in-guter-gesellschaft.com/ | +49 40 30 739 763 | Open: Daily 09:30am-21:00pm (holiday hours may differ)

Proudly identifying as one of Hamburg’s first Zero Waste establishments, this intimate coffee cafe is a perfect spot for a sip of premium brew.

The storefront is adorable and immediately endearing. With both sidewalk seating and large windows facing Sternstraße, you may people watch whilst you savor a tasty pastry and your favorite warm beverage in The Schanze.

törnqvist coffee bar 

Info: Neuer Pferdemarkt 12, 20359 Hamburg, Germany | https://tornqvistcoffee.com/ | +49 151 140 040 10 | Open: Weekdays 08:30am-18pm; Sat-Sun 10am-18pm (hours differ on holidays)

Owners Linus and Yoshua assure a premium coffee taste, quality and service experience in their aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Located near the junction of Schanzenstrasse and Schulterblatt in The Schanze, the location is unbeatable.

Unique special roast coffee beans and service presentation make this coffee bar a stand-out in a Hamburg’s saturated coffee market. 

Favorites on the Schulterblatt …

Herr Max

Info: Schulterblatt 12, 20357 Hamburg, Germany | http://herrmax.de | +49 40 69 219 951 | Open: Daily 09am-19pm (holiday hours may differ)

Those bespoke pastries I mention above? This is the spot. Hot drinks, custom chocolates, tasty bakery selections and a sweet, cozy atmosphere characterize Herr Max.

Also one of the top custom bakeries in Hamburg for special occasion cakes, pastries and baked goods. Don’t let the price tag for custom goodies frighten you. Worth every morsel. 

Karolinenviertel { 20357 }

Continue your stroll from The Schanze onto Marktstrasse in the “Karoviertel“. Be sure to bring your wallet and your appetite, because you’ll be tempted at every turn. Marktstrasse — the main boulevard — is loaded with small cafes, snack bars, art studios and local designers’ boutiques.

With a more laid-back vibe than the adjacent St. Pauli and Schanzenviertel, you’ll be down with a more chill, relaxed nightlife and overall mood here in the Karoviertel. 

For more info on Karoviertel, visit Hamburg Tourism website.

Favorites in the Karoviertel

TEIKEI coffee café

Info: Marktstraße 25, 20357 Hamburg, Germany | https://teikeicoffee.org/ | Open: weekdays 8am-19pm; Sat/Sun 10am-18pm

Do you thrive on giving back as you spend your hard-earned money and time? Love hanging with other like-minded folks as you sip and eat sustainably-produced fair trade fare? TEIKEI Coffee is the perfect spot for you.

A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) organization, TEIKEI Coffee supports its coffee suppliers in Mexico by paying them set rates versus the standard industry practice of paying rates based upon a farmer’s level of production. Fair trade is where it’s at, and this place does it well. Visit TEIKEI online to see videos and real stories of how they give back and pay it forward.

philipps Restaurant

Info: Turnerstraße 9, 20357 Hamburg, Germany | https://philipps-restaurant.de/#speisen | +49 40 63 735 108 | Open: TWThFSat 17-22pm

Highly-rated, cosy, upscale casual environment serving haute cuisine with excellent, effortless, high-class service. This restaurant is a delightful environment for sipping a drink, enjoying an appetizer or a full meal after trolling the chill, hip boutiques and shops in the Karoviertel. 

St. Pauli { 20359 }

St. Pauli has an abundance of tasty ethnic eats, seafood, and coffee cafes. Be sure you visit the Rindermarkthalle during the day. With 30 shops, diverse food stalls and restaurants, you’ll love taking in the sights, smells and tastes of this covered market, steeped in history. 


Grab the Hamburg CARD and enjoy unlimited travel on public transport (HVV) on all U-bahn and S-bahn routes as well as discounted entry fees and other cool deals. The majority of our favorite spots listed below are a stone’s throw from a bus stop and within a 2-block walk from the Hamburg Reeperbahn station on the S-bahn or the St. Pauli station on the U-bahn. 

Favorites in St. Pauli …

Skyline Bar 20Up (rooftop bar inside Empire Riverside Hotel)

Info: Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 97, 20359 Hamburg, Germany | http://20up.de | +49 403 111 970 470 |Open: SuMTWTh 18pm-02am; Fri/Sat 18pm-03am (hours differ on holidays)

Entrance to Skyline Bar 20Up is through the lobby of the Empire Riverside Hotel
Views on a clear day stretch for miles! Maybe you’ll even spot a rainbow? 😉

The city skyline and harbor views alone are well worth a visit to this penthouse bar, located on the 20th floor of the Empire Riverside Hotel. With clear vantage points from almost any point in the bar, you’ll be sitting pretty as you sip and savor a gorgeous sunset over the Elbe River.

Tins & Tales Tasting Experience

Info: Clemens-Schultz-Straße 66, 20359 Hamburg, Germany | www.tins-tales.de | +49 17 657 774 357 | Open: By Reservation

Did you realize a Dutch pharmacist created the original gin, called “Jenever”? Owner, Mark’s affable, open, knowledgeable approach makes even a non-gin lover fall in love with the taste and interesting history of this spirit. Tins & Tales presents tastings on a variety of spirits, including gin, whisky and rum. We enjoyed our ‘Tins & Tales’ Gin Tasting experience at Broken Paradise Bar in the Altona-Alstadt neighborhood. However, contact Tins & Tales to arrange a specific meeting place that best suits your group. 

Möwe Sturzflug

Info: Clemens-Schultz-Straße 96, 20359 Hamburg, Germany | https://facebook.com/MoeweSturzflug/ |Open: MTW 19pm-01am; Th 19pm-02am; Fri/Sat 19pm-04am; Closed Sundays | Note: **Cash Only**

The Chug Club 

Info: Taubenstrasse 13, 20359 Hamburg, Germany | www.facebook.com/TheChugClub/ | Open: SuMTWTh 18pm-02am; Fri/Sat 18pm-04am


Info: Große Freiheit 90, 22767 Hamburg, Germany | http://www.Standard.hamburg | +49 40 36 946 633 |Open: Tue/Sat 17pm-00am; W/Th/F 17pm-01am; Closed Sundays/Mondays

Spritz with Rosemary herbal infusion cocktail – so refreshing and tasty!

The Spritzes with homemade herbal infusions are refreshing and surprisingly delicious! The Negronis and Mules have a unique, tasty flair.

Honey cherry tomatoes with vegan lemon butter – Dutch Gouda cheese – sourdough artisanal bread
Cauliflower and white bean soup with herbed oriental oil and pomegranate

Fresh, artisanal, seasonal, locally-sourced fare lovingly prepared and served with a unique flair. The cocktail list alone warrants a visit.

Spinach with red carrot topped with blackberry dressing and puff pastry strips marinated in rose hip marmalade
Conchi lioni pasta with rucola, tomato sauce, orange and olives
sea salt fudge bar topped with peanuts and candied persimmon 

Caution: After your first sip and taste, you’ll realize it’s especially challenging to leave the cozy environs of STANDARD.


Info: Paul-Roosen-Straße 27, 22767 Hamburg, Germany | http://www.clockers.hamburg/ | +49 17 99 769 435 | Open: TWTh 19pm-01am; Fri/Sat 19pm-03am; Closed Sundays/Mondays
Boasting their own brand of gin, this cocktail bar is a fun departure from the typical scene in the Reeperbahn and St. Pauli. A great venue for tasting something you’ve never tried.

RinderMarkthalle St. Pauli (1951) 

Info: Neuer Kamp 31, 20359 Hamburg, Germany | https://www.rindermarkthalle-stpauli.de/ | +49 40 87 976 390 | Open: Daily 08am-21pm (hours differ on holidays)

This old market hall has quite a dynamic history. What began as (yet another) cattle hall was originally an open space with natural light filtering through its windows. Sadly, the building’s natural beauty was compromised in the 1970s when the space was converted into a parking garage. As the RinderMarkthalle lies outside the Old Town, it is a prime location for hosting the largest food festival in Northern Germany. 

Today, you’ll see a mixed use hall housing a diverse selection of businesses, including three different supermarkets (Edeka, Aldi and Budnikowsky), several food stalls proffering diverse cuisine options, the Markt Koenig restaurant, 10 community initiative agencies, a gym and yes, still the parking facility. 


There are 10 Michelin Star chefs on-site in the RinderMarkthalle. Email the Markt Küche St. Pauli at marktkueche@rindermarkthalle-stpauli.de to book the private Kitchen or to ask which upcoming events are open for you to attend. If your timing is optimal, you will experience gustatory delight at a tasting!

Markt Koenig restaurant 

Order the Pannfisch. If available, the cod and salmon pannfisch with coffee infused orange sauce, beets and red alfafa melts in your mouth.

Learning the history of pannefisch presents a bit of a surprise as well. Unsold fish in Hamburg was saved until Fridays, when cooks would collect the fish, coat the meat in mustard sauce and pan fry it. Coined a “sailor’s dish”, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the complex flavor profiles and depth offered in this savoury local dish. 

The Markt Koenig restaurant offers a comfortable, open atmosphere with excellent cuisine and service.


A must-taste within the Rindermarkthall! Metzgers’ Rundkool is mouth-wateringly delectable.

A combination of dry-aged beef, sweet potatoes and 18-hour seasoned & roasted kale has you savoring every rich, full-flavored mouthful.  

Confiserie Paulsen 

If you’re a coffee lover, pop in for a cuppa and pair with some of the delightful chocolates and unique confections. With a coffee selection hailing from all over the globe, there’s a special brew for every palate here. 

The Reeperbahn 

One of the most infamous neighbourhoods in Hamburg is the Reeperbahn. Affectionately termed “The Kiez” by locals, it’s known by many visitors as “the most sinful mile” and lies within the St. Pauli neighbourhood.

If you’re into late-night food and partying, you’ll find countless bars, pubs, food stands, live music venues, nightclubs, strip clubs and discos here. 

Favorites in the Reeperbahn …

Clouds – Heaven’s Rooftop Bar (inside the Dancing Towers bldg)

Info: Reeperbahn 1, 20359 Hamburg, Germany | https://www.clouds-hamburg.de/ | +49 40 30 993 280 | Open: 

On the furthest edge of the Reeperbahn, within the Dancing Towers building is the poshest bar/restaurant with the coolest views toward the city. As the name implies, this is a rooftop bar with fancy cocktails, tasty food and beers of many flavors. Clouds is pricey, but worth a drink or two, even if just to absorb the experience.   


Gorgeous red brick buildings line the bridged canals of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The combination creates a gorgeous backdrop for photos as you sip and snack your way through the former warehouse district where Hamburg’s coffee stock exchange developed.

You’ll find the Coffee Museum here, as well as popular museums like the Miniatur Wunderland and the Hamburg Dungeon. 

Favorites in Speicherstadt …

Hällsen & Lyon 

Info: Pickhuben 9, 20457 Hamburg, Germany | https://www.haelssen-lyon.com/company/usa/ | +49 40 361 430

This top tier tea wholesaler is one of the grandest import/export tea dealers in the world. The building currently houses the long-standing company as well as the Sri Lankan consulate.

Kaffeemuseum-Burg (aka “Hamburg Coffee Museum”)

Info: St. Annenufer 2, 20457 Hamburg, Germany | https://kaffeemuseum-burg.de/ | +49 40 55 204 258 | Open: Daily 10am-18pm

Coffee hounds experience sheer bliss as they soak up the aroma of coffee beans being slow-roasted on-site in this cozy cafe.

If you’re into history, take a tour of the coffee museum before or after ordering your cup of joe.

Sip and shop at the small on-site gifts and souvenir shop, then chill  and taste one of the scrumptious confections. The menu is updated daily with new types of coffees and bites. 

Hobenköök Restaurant & Markthall

Info: Stockmeyerstraße 43, 20457 Hamburg, Germany | https://hobenkoeoek.de/ | +49 40 228 655 38 | Open: Daily 10am-23pm (hours differ on holidays)

Hobenköök means “Harbor Kitchen” in English, but this open kitchen restaurant and market is a much, much more. Staffing 10+ chefs daily, you’ll find the sedulous energy, smells and tastes in this place intoxicating!

The food menu rotates daily according to what seasonal, fresh and local.

The market displays all the generous benefits of being a harbor city. Of special note are the imported artisanal cheeses, oils and baked goods, the supremely fresh fish and other specialty items found only in European specialty grocers. 

Oberhafenkantine (aka “Ober Hafen Cantina”) 

Info: Stockmeyerstraße 39, 20457 Hamburg, Germany | http://www.oberhafenkantine-hamburg.de/ | +49 40 328 099 84 | Open: Su 12pm-17pm; closed M; TWThFS 12pm-22pm (hours differ on holidays)

Home to what many consider the “Best Hamburger in Hamburg”, this tiny, funky building is actually leaning beneath the bridge over Stockmeyerstraße.

Whilst you may hear 50 different stories of why the hamburger originated in Hamburg, the most feasible is Hamburg’s story. In the 19th century, canteens were created to feed the sailors and maritime workers and working class people traversing through the harbor on a daily basis. Serving rundstukwarm allowed warmed beef to be served between two slices of bread, thus avoiding the need to serve or clean dishware or cutlery. Ingenious, isn’t it? 

HafenCity { 20539 } 

Where the hubbub of Hamburg’s former harbor district kept the city afloat for decades now lies HafenCity, a bustling riverfront city district dedicated to a mix of food, culture, leisure, shopping and urban living. Here you’ll find major fashion brands and everyday products so you may shop as you dine. The highest-rated sit-down restaurants in HafenCity focus on traditional German cuisine, Western European fare or fine dining.  

Favorites in HafenCity …

100/200 Kitchen

Info: Brandshofer Deich 68, 20539 Hamburg, Germany | 100200.kitchen | +49 40 309 251 91 | Reservations: 100200.kitchen, exploretock.com

If you have the luxury of planning your visit to Hamburg in advance, absolutely book a reservation at this brilliant restaurant.

Michelin star Chef Thomas Imbusch and Level 3 Sommelier Sophi create the idyllic ambiance for enjoying cutting edge, succulent cuisine in a unique way: everything in Kitchen 100/200 revolves around the giant stove which resides in the center of the restaurant.  

Altona-Altstadt { 22767 } 

Here we see all the benefits of being a harbor city. Fresh seafood delivered daily, serene water views and a generally calmer atmosphere. Not much in the way of bustling bars and nightlife, the Altona neighborhood does have one claim to fame for certain: The Sunday Fischmarkt.

Altonaer Fischauktionshalle 

Info: Große Elbstraße 9, 22767 Hamburg, Germany | +49 40 570 105 200 | Open: SUNDAYS ONLY 05am-11am

This is the arcade style warehouse in which the live music, beer stands and sit-down brunch cafes reside every Sunday during the Hamburg Fischmarkt.

Yes, this is the landmark/epicenter of the renowned fischmarkt of legend about which you’ve heard upon mentioning a potential trip to Hamburg, Germany.

Not only a Sunday institution for late-night bingers, people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy the Hamburg Fischmarkt.

The streets are lined with 40+ farmer’s market stands selling produce, plants, coffee, clothing, artisanal foods, handicrafts, books, seafood (of course!) and almost anything else you imagine.

An absolute must-do experience on your first visit to Hamburg.  

GINN Hotel Hamburg Elbspeicher

Info: Große Elbstraße 39, 22767 Hamburg, Germany | http://ginn-hotels.com/ | +49 30 343 473 300

GINN Hotel Hamburg’s restaurant and bar/lounge are a testament to the level of quality and service you’ll find throughout your stay.

One of the most diverse, delectable breakfast/brunch buffets you may ever see on the European mainland! All manner of breads, dairy, eggs, meats, warm drinks, fresh juices, salads, and more. You need not ever eat the same meal twice.

Unique hand-crafted cocktails, draught and bottled beers, a lovely wine list and a selection of soft drinks compliment a minimal, but tastefully curated food menu. Be sure to book a room facing the harbor for spectacular morning views. Just half a block walk to the Sunday Hamburg Fischmarkt. Highly recommend.  

“Three kinds of pumpkin” – Confit pumpkin, pumpkin ginger salad and vanilla-pumpkin-espuma

Goldene Gans

Info: Rothestraße 70, 22765 Hamburg, Germany | http://www.goldene-gans.eu/ | +49 40 399 098 78 

If you crave upscale bistro cuisine and a stellar wine list, Goldene Gans is a superb choice. With an ever-changing menu and a chef who seeks to challenge the status quo of German cuisine, your taste buds will be most pleasantly surprised.  

Asian noodle salad

Table service is exemplary. 5-star in its character, knowledge, unpretentious-yet-attentive service and personality.

Pink roast duck with spiced coffee jus, Brussels sprouts and Duchess potatoes with passion fruit

Wine recommendations include Scheurebe from Stahl named “Damaszener Bodenstoff – France (white) and the 2015 Entdeckung der Langsamkeit – “Discovery of slowness Wine 2015” by AOC Château Montfin from Corbières, France (organic, red).

The Rabbit Hole 

Info: Kleine Freiheit 42, 22767 Hamburg, Germany | https://www.facebook.com/therabbithole.de | +49 40 753 643 33

Favorites in Hamburg Neustadt …


Info: Krayenkamp 10, 20459 Hamburg, Germany | http://krameramtsstuben.de/ | +49 40 365 800 | Open: Daily 12pm-22pm

If it’s authentic, old-style German essen and trinken you seek, head to this restaurant without delay.

The Labscouse at Krameramtsstuben is just like your grandmother’s

You’ll find the Labscouse (a family recipe of cured beef brisket, carrots, onions, potatoes, pureed beetroot, topped with a fried egg and garnished with pickled herring) almost as tasty as your German or Austrian grandmother’s.

The Büsumer Crab Soup is a creamy, rich delectable bowl of comfort. More akin to a Lobster Bisque than a traditional tomato and vegetable broth-based soup, perfect on a cold evening.

Pannfisch of plaice

Pannfisch or Fishplate “Krameramtsstuben” are good choices if you haven’t had your fill of seafood during your stay.

Huftsteak with asparagus and baked potato with sour cream and chive

However, the 200g Huftsteak (Filet of Beef) served with asparagus and a baked potato has a superior taste and preparation style. 

{ Not Food or Drink Related, but } Worth Mentioning for Your Visit to Hamburg

St. Michaelis Evangelical Church 

Info: Englische Planke 1, 20459 Hamburg, Germany 

Whether you’re into churches and cathedrals or no, you’ll adore the gorgeous city-wide and harbor views from the top of the resplendent St. Michael’s Church. It’s an easy walk from either the Rödingsmarkt U-bahn subway station or the Stadthausbrücke S-bahn stop, on the edge of the Hamburg-Neustadt neighborhood.

An elevator whisks you to the bell tower level, where you’ll enjoy the ding-dong of the church bells as you soak in a sunset or city lights after dark.  

Elbphilharmonie Plaza

Info: Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, 20457 Hamburg, Germany | https://www.elbphilharmonie.de/en/

Whether or not its approved by locals, this structure and its influence over the character of Hamburg is undeniable. The sheer size and unique design of the Elbphilharmonie Plaza is awe-inspiring. The civic engineering, planning, architecture and design involved are significant and worth mentioning.

A post-modern wonder, the Elbphilharmonie structure is a shining star on the skyline of Hamburg, displaying how modern urban planning may repurpose and transform rather than raze previously-used buildings. 

Some fun facts:

→ Engineers used landrification techniques to fortify the foundation of the building and prevent it from sinking.

→ You’ll notice the uppermost modern structure (called a ‘missing floor’ in the design) is added atop the original red brick warehouse structure.

→ €273 Million was originally budgeted for the project; €866M+ was actually spent. 

→ The building houses the longest “bended” escalator in the world. 

→ The design of the concert hall employs vineyard architecture, with 360° seating around an orchestra performing in the center of the room. 

→ A specially-designed reflector on the ceiling of the concert hall bounces back soundwaves to avoid losing them in the ceiling. The acoustics in the Elbphilharmonie’s concert hall are ranked among the Top 10 in the world.

→ There are 550 seats in the kleiner saal (small auditorium) and 2100 seats in the großer saal (large auditorium). 

→ 44 private residences are on-site, with views of the harbor and the city.  

VEB Michelle GmbH

Info: Gertrudenkirchhof 10, 20095 Hamburg, Germany | http://www.michelle-records.de/ |+49 40 326 211 | Open: M-Sat 11am-20pm; Closed Sundays

For vinyl aficionados and DJs, a visit to this vintage record store is mandatory. The original store dates back to the 1970s and houses one of the greatest collections of record albums in Germany. Simply walk in and you’ll see. 

The Hamburger DOM

Hamburger DOM (seasonal folk faire)

Info: Heiligengeistfeld – Glacischaussee, 20359 Hamburg | https://www.hamburg.de/dom/2611800/aktuelles-hamburger-dom/ | Open: Seasonal; Spring Festival March; Hummelfest (July-August); Dom-Markt (November)

Three times a year, the Heiligengeistfeld transforms into a giant folk and food faire for all ages. You’ll find rides, games, street food and German fare, drinks, and most importantly…FUN! Kid-friendly attractions assure fun for the entire family. 

Helpful Resources for Your Visit to Hamburg

Hamburg Tourism Board – Your Guide to Exploring, Living & Working Hamburg https://www.hamburg.com/

Tourist Information Center ATG Alster-Touristik GmbH

Info: Anleger, Jungfernstieg, 20354 Hamburg, Germany | Alstertouristik.de | +49 40 3574240 | Open: Daily 09am-17pm

Book a boat cruise around Alster Lake → Alsterdampfer St. Georg Boat Tour Agency

Info: Anleger 7, Jungfernstieg, 20354 Hamburg, Germany | alsterdampfer.de | +49 40 7922599 | Open: Daily 10:45am-16:45pm

Brauguesthaus Altes Madchen/Ratsherrn Brewery & Craft Brew Store/Craft Beer Scene in Hamburg