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Amy Askin, M.A.Ed. is the Owner/Editor-In-Chief of Amy Guides™. Our team provides the following services:

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Press Trips or Fam Trips
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Long-term Partnerships
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Photography
  • Video Content Creation
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Hotel Reviews
  • Product/Service Reviews
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Customized Travel Guides
  • Customized Food Guides
  • Public Speaking/Professional Presentations/Workshops

The Amyful™ Podcast

To be featured on the Amyful™ podcast or for sponsorship opportunities, please contact Amy –> AmyfulTips {at} gmail {dot} com.

Amyful™ is a podcast devoted to 

I am seeking connections with brands, travel and food industry professionals, travel, food and business conference organizers, educators, writers and online content creators to foster relationships and build partnerships.

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  • M.A..Ed., Reading and Language Arts – SDSU (2006)
  • Reading Specialist Credential (CA) (2006)
  • Certified Educational Peer Coach (CA) – SDSU (2005)
  • English Literacy, Reading, Speaking, Writing Coach/Tutor – ages K-Adult (2005-present)
  • Spanish Literacy, Reading, Speaking, Writing Coach/Tutor – ages K-Adult (1999-present)
  • Multiple Subject Teaching Credential K-8 (2001)
  • Owner, Learn by Askin Educational Consulting and Tutoring (2000-present)
  • Manager/CEO/CFO of a San Diego, CA-based Vacation Rental Business (2011-2015)

  • Itinerary Planning and Travel Consulting
  • Original Content Creation (Food, Culture, Culinary Travel, Soft Adventure, Lifestyle, Product/Service Reviews)
  • Public Speaking
  • Digital Photography
  • Video Content Creation
  • Customized Travel Guides
  • Customized Destination Food Guides and Food Tours

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  • Long-term Partnerships
  • Destination Marketing Campaigns
  • Press Trips
  • Familiarization Trips
  • Affiliate Partnerships
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Hotel Reviews
  • Product/Service Reviews
  • Exclusive Newsletter Advertising or Sponsorship
  • Website Advertising
  • Podcast Promotion
  • Podcast Advertising
Amy Guides Travel Professional | Content Creator
Amy Guides™ offers Professional Travel Services and more. Explore the possibilities!

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About Amy

Amy is based in two optimal locations: Utrecht, NL – Europe and Cleveland, Ohio – U.S.A. She and her Amy Guides™ Team loves cultural experiences, food, travel and sharing with others to get them off the couch and out into the world. Amy savours and soaks up other cultures as she shares tasty cuisine, beautiful imagery and captivating social media posts on Amy Guides™, Amyful™ Podcast and Beloved Atmosphere (a blog). When she isn’t recreating tastes from the myriad cooking courses she’s taken in faraway lands, you’ll likely find Amy reading, tutoring kids, taking photos or playing any sport with a ball.

Amy Guides™ focuses on Itinerary Planning, Culinary Tourism and Food, Original Content Creation and Digital Strategy.

Amyful™ is a podcast where Amy swaps Travel and Food Tales with locals in the BEST cities in the world.

Amy Guides™ Website Stats

  • 5,700 unique monthly visitors, increasing steadily at 20% per month
  • 9,200 monthly page views
  • 75% female * / 25% male
  • 60% age 45-64 * / 25% age 35-44 *

*primary purchasing demographic worldwide

Amy Guides™ Website Stats

Amy Guides has a monthly website readership of 5,500 unique visitors with over 8,900 page views. The website’s readership is increasing at a steady rate of 20% per month. While 75% of our website audience is female, the two largest age groups of users are ages 35-44 and ages 45-64.  The Amy Guides website audience is primarily based in North America U.S. (65%) / Canada (5%), and Europe (27%). Our readers are interested in Travel, Food, Cultural Experiences, Shopping and Entertainment (Books & Media).

How Are These Stats Relevant for You?

Amy Guidesis focused on providing the key details and purchasing options for buyers who are in the final stage of buying products and services for their upcoming World Travel and Culinary Tours. Our dedicated, loyal audience listens to us and more importantly acts on our Trusted Tips and Recommendations.

Working with Amy Guides means an increase in sales for your brand.

Amy Guides™ on Social Media

The Amy Guides Team primarily focuses on Pinterest as its most visually stimulating and engaging social media platform. We also see excellent engagement on Twitter and LinkedIn. If you are interested, we may discuss how Amy Guides uses Instagram Stories to engage our audience as we share the history, taste, smells, sights and sounds in select destinations.