Amy Guides is your one-stop shop for travel consulting, itinerary planning, city guides, travel tips+tricks, food finds, recipes, and guides for how to incorporate health and wellness into your life.

Amy Guides™ also provides online services in the following areas:

  • content creation
  • business coaching
  • digital strategy advice
  • educational consulting
  • public speaking/professional presentations/workshops

Amy Guides™  is Trusted Tips from a Seasoned Savvy Traveler

Amy Askin, the voice and team leader of Amy Guides has 21 years of experience in World Travel, Itinerary Planning, Peer Coaching and Public Speaking. Amy thrives on helping you plan how to Live the Life You Imagine.  

Email Amy {at} AmyGuides {dot} com for a FREE 10-minute consultation.

Where else will I find Amy?

Amyful is a podcast hosted by Amy. You’ll find episodes right here on the Amy Guides website –> https://AmyGuides.com/AmyfulPodcast

You may also listen to Amyful everywhere you may hear podcasts. Listen in as Amy swaps stories from locals across the globe on what to see, do and EAT in cities you want to visit.

To be featured on the Amyful™ podcast or for sponsorship opportunities, please contact Amy –> AmyfulTips {at} gmail {dot} com.

Learn by Askin Tutoring+Educational Consulting is a tutoring and educational consulting business. For a FREE consultation, please contact Amy – LearnByAskin {at} gmail {dot} com

Beloved Atmosphere – Amy {at} BelovedAtmosphere {dot} com.

Amy Guides™ offers my expertise as
• Itinerary Planner
• Travel Consultant
• Freelance Writer
• Translator (English, Spanish)
• Editor+Proofreader
• Public Speaker
• Business Coach/Agent
• Digital Strategist
• Online Content + Social Media Creator (Travel, Food Tourism, Product Reviews, Lifestyle)

Amyful™ is a podcast devoted to 
•For sponsorship opportunities or to be featured on an Amyful™ episode, email Amy at AmyfulTips@gmail.com.

Beloved Atmosphere offers my expertise as
•Digital Influencer
•Online Content Creator+Freelancer (Travel, Education, Food/Recipes, Product Reviews, Lifestyle)

I am seeking connections with brands, travel and food industry professionals, travel, food and business conference organizers, educators, writers and online content creators to foster relationships and build partnerships.

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•Reading Specialist Credential (CA) – 2006
•Ma.Ed., Reading and Language Arts – SDSU, 2006
•Certifed Educational Peer Coach (CA) – SDSU, 2005
•English Literacy, Reading, Speaking, Writing Coach/Tutor – ages K-Adult – 2005-present
•Spanish Literacy, Reading, Speaking, Writing Coach/Tutor – ages K-Adult – 1999-present
•Multiple Subject Teaching Credential K-8 – 2001
•16 years as Business owner of Learn by Askin Educational Consulting and Tutoring
•4 years as Manager/CEO/CFO of a San Diego-based Vacation Rental Business