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About Amy Guides™

Amy Guides gives you trustworthy, expert information on Food, Culture and Travel. Our team shares firsthand knowledge of where to go, what to eat, and how to best experience the places you most want to visit.

Through Food Guides, Travel Guides, personal travel and culture consulting sessions, and informative articles on Food, Culture and Travel, Amy Guides helps you plan the trip of a lifetime. We are delighted to share our expertise with you to save you time, money and energy.

Amy Guides™ Welcome Page banner with images of pasta, Amy sitting in front of sea, palm trees, chocolate truffles.

How Can Amy Guides Help Me Plan a Trip?

Easy! We do our best to assure the travel planning process is painless and stress free. On this website, you’ll find an abundance of articles and images on Travel, Food and Culture, including:

Food and Eating

  • Recipes (easy to moderate difficulty levels, make-at-home to ethnic)
  • Food tours
  • Food guides
  • Special markets, cafes, restaurants in locations around the world
  • Cooking classes worldwide (Amy takes these wherever she can!)
  • Must-try authentic, local dishes

Travel and Travel Planning

  • Travel Guides
  • Destination Guides
  • City Guides
  • Travel consulting and itinerary planning
  • Travel tips and tricks


  • Cultural advice and recommendations from experts
  • Unique cultural events, attractions, experiences and sights
  • Historical sites, visits and images

Amy Guides™  is Trusted Tips from a Seasoned Savvy Traveler

Amy of Amy Guides

Who is Amy Askin of Amy Guides?

Amy Askin, the voice and editor in chief of Amy Guides, is a 40-something woman. She has 23+ years of experience in World Travel, Itinerary Planning, Coaching and Public Speaking. Amy thrives on helping you plan how to Live the Life You Imagine.  

Email Amy {at} AmyGuides {dot} com to schedule a FREE 10-minute consultation.

To date, Amy has visited 41 countries, and the tally is climbing year after year. She aspires to visit 75 countries on 6 continents before age 50. Here’s where Amy has been so far…

Map of Countries Amy has Visited

Where else will I find Amy?

Amyful is a podcast hosted by Amy. You’ll find episodes right here on the Amy Guides website –>

You may also listen to Amyful everywhere you may hear podcasts. Listen in as Amy swaps stories with locals across the globe on what to see, do and EAT in cities you want to visit.